3D laser scanning

    Laser scanners capture the entire part geometry for inspection or reverse engineering purposes, covering both freeform surfaces and geometric features. Laser scanners are used with CMMs, articulated arms, optical CMMs or even robots.

Nikon Scanners

    Focus Inspection in conjunction with Nikon can supply a scanning solution that best suits your requirements.

InSight L100 laser scanner

The InSight L100 is a next-generation CMM laser scanner that offers the best possible combination of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use.

LC15Dx laser scanner

LC15Dx is a high resolution, high accuracy CMM scanner in the accuracy range of tactile measurements. With its smaller field of view, perfectly suits digitizing compact or detailed objects with higher point density and tighter tolerances.

LC60Dx laser scanner

Top-notch digital line scanners featuring highest scan speed and digitizing nearly all surface materials.

LC50Cx laser scanner

All-purpose digital line scanners dynamically adapt laser intensity point-per-point to scan any surface without user interaction.

XC65Dx laser scanner

The multi-laser XC65Dx(-LS) scanner captures all 3D surfaces and features in a single scan.

MMDx laser scanner

The ModelMaker MMDx is the top-level handheld laser scanner ideally suited for portable 3D inspection and reverse engineering applications.

LC60Dx dual-purpose laser scanner

The LC60Dx is easily interchangeable between CMMs and handheld localizers.


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