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Sometimes the biggest benefits are found in the smaller package....


Nikon Alto CMM

The Nikon Alto CMM providing a cost effective entry level CMM that will never compromise your measurement performance.

Featuring many advanced technologies that are normally only found in larger more expensive systems, the Nikon Alto’s performance will always impress.

From first article to final inspection, fixture calibration to troubleshooting, ALTO is the perfect quality control tool for inspection and production departments alike.

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Machine model

The small half-gantry design combines aluminium construction, air bearings and state-of-the-art electronics with today’s most intelligent CMM software for outstanding performance.

  • Aluminium alloy beam and spindle, micro-machined for additional precision
  • Zero hysteresis friction drive on all axes for smooth motion control
  • High accuracy 0.1 μm optical scale system
  • Also available as manual version with the option to upgrade to CNC at a later date on-site.
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Model Sizes

Nikon currently offer two sizes of their Alto CMM range

Name Measuring Stroke Overall Dimension Weight
X Y Z Width Length Height Max. part Machineg
Alto 5.4.4 500mm 400mm 440mm 929mm 888mm 2411mm 300Kg 300Kg
Alto 6.5.4 600mm 500mm 440mm 1044mm 1018mm 2411mm 300Kg 390Kg


Our systems offer total probing flexibly, they can be configured to accommodate both contact and/or scanning applications

  • Manual adjustable indexing head with integral touch probe.
  • Rotate axis ±180°, tilt axis 0-90°, 168 repeatable positions, 15° increments.
  • Repeatable stylus changing.
  • Low-cost ‘motorised head functionality’ automated indexing head with integral touch probe.
  • Rotate axis ±180°, tilt axis 0-90°, 168 repeatable positions, 15° increments.
  • Repeatable stylus changing.
PH10 Plus
  • Industry standard motorised indexing probe head with multi-sensor support.
  • Rotate axis ±180°, tilt axis 0-105°, 720 repeatable positions, 7.5° increments.
  • Repeatable stylus changing.
  • Advanced motorised 5-axis head with integral touch probe.
  • Infinite rotate axis angles, tilt axis -115 to 105°, infinite number of repeatable positions.
  • Repeatable stylus changing.
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Making CMM Measurement Simple...

CMM-Manager is by far the best value-for-money inspection software available.

Simply put, users accomplish more in less time with CMM-Manager. The software, being highly intuitive, assists with all tasks associated to the inspection and reporting of your components.

Fully integrated measurement environment.

  • Click-and-measure capability.
  • CAD-based and task-oriented graphical programming.
  • DMIS part program support covering high-level language.

Advanced path planning.

  • Automatic probing angle selection.
  • Collision detection and smart collision avoidance.
  • Inspection path optimization.

Powerful alignment tools.

  • 3-2-1 alignment for prismatic datum features.
  • CAD alignment for freeform surfaces.
  • Iterative datum alignment for soft fixturing.

Convenient reporting functions.

  • Drag-and-drop graphical report creation.
  • Various combination of customisable text and graphical report.
  • Complete GD&T support.
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Key Benefits of the Nikon Alto CMM

The Nikon Alto CMM provides a wealth of benefits:

  • Affordable
  • Diverse & flexible probing options
  • Advance interactive CMM Software
  • CNC or manual options available
  • Small footprint

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